Making the Move

04.15.09 (12:02 pm)   [edit]

Well, friends, I think its time that I moved the ol' blog to another host.

In a panic, I set up a new blog on Blogger yesterday when I thought that tBlog was no more. I see now that tBlog does exist, but I find I prefer Blogger as a host. It seems more customizable, user friendly and there's an option to require a word input for comments which I like because I get lots of spam comments. I will miss all my buddies here, and I promise to come visit so long as you all come visit me at my new home...

Bria's Blogie


Real original, I know. But that's how I started, how I have been and probably forever more will be. 

Hopefully I'll figure out a way to back post so I can move at least a few of the better posts with me, but until then tBlog will be the home of my past blog... collecting dust... oh, now I'm sad. 

No tears! I like the new host and my new blog; I love my old friends here. I will hopefully have the best of both worlds at my new address, but that's up to each of you! Bookmark or subscribe to me!


One Click=Free Food, etc.

03.29.09 (11:00 am)   [edit]

Several of you out there got on the Hunger Site bandwagon with me a while back. I recently found a HUGE list of other websites that also give food or help the world in other ways for nothing more than a click. What follows is the list. Click everyday and do your part to help a hurting world without even leaving your desk chair!

======[ Free Donation Clicks! ]========= - Feed Children! - Feed People! - Feed People! - Feed Rice! This one builds vocab too! - Feed People! - Feed Children! - Feed Argentine children! - Feed People! - Feed People! - Feed a Homeless person! - Donate to MSF! - Donate Cups of Tea! - Help Feed! - More free Rice to give! Feed homeless people!

=== Save the Animals : Free Donation Clicks! === - Save the Seals! - Save the Big Cats! - Save the Monkeys! = - Help Tigers! = - Help Jaguars! - Help Leopards! - Feed Starving Animals! - Help Homeless Animals! - Protect Wildlife!

=== Help Education : Free Donation Clicks! === - Help build a School! - Promote IT! - Free Books to the poor! - Help Educate!

=== Save the Environment : Free Donation Clicks! === - Offset Carbon, Stop Warming! - Reduce Pollution! - Save a Coast! - Save the Dolphins! - Protect Habitats! - Save Melting Greenland! - Help the Environment! - Create Free Solar Energy!

=== Help the Forests and Plants : Free Donation Clicks! === - Plant an Oak! - Help the Forests, from Germany! - Help Old Forests! - Plant a tree in Brazil! - Plant a tree in Niagara! - Save the Amazon! - Save the Wilderness! - Plant a Tree! - Help the Rainforest! - Help our Rainforests!

=== Promote Health : Free Donation Clicks! === - Prevent Breast Cancer! - Help Surgery! - Give Healthcare! - Stop Breast Cancer! - Child Healthcare! - Stop HIV/AIDS! - Stop Cancer!

=== Help Stop Poverty : Free Donation Clicks! === - Start a Crop! - Help Finance the Poor! - Help Raise Money! - Help Jobs! - Help Health and Poverty! - Help Agriculture!

=== Promote Safety : Free Donation Clicks! === - Stop Violence against Women! - Stop Land mines!

=== Clean Water for All : Free Donation Clicks! === - Give 6 days of clean water! - Free Clean Water!

=== Misc Free Donation Clicks! ===

This is not my list, so please let me know if one doesn't work or doesn't belong on this list. I got it from the Feed a Child with a Click group on Facebook. Bookmark this page or bookmark the pages of a cause you're interested and click away while you drink your morning coffee. YOU could change the world!


Wal-Martyred, the gang hoax

03.19.09 (11:16 pm)   [edit]

It seems there's a rumor going around by text that gangs are going to kill people at Wal-Mart as an initiation. FALSE. RUMOR!

Here's a link that will tell you all about the rumor, how and where it started, etc. if you really want to know. 



Screwy Smoke Detector and Just Plain Screwed

03.19.09 (10:14 am)   [edit]

For some reason yoga was canceled this morning. I haven't been in a few weeks so it could be that the class is canceled for forever. I saw the leader running around at the gym, but none of my fellow classmates. I think I'll call next week before I go. I hope it isn't gone for good; I was starting to like yoga. Since I can't find peace and serenity in yoga this morning, I'll write instead.

I think I've come to the decision that I am not going to do so well in my classes this semester and that I'm going to have to be ok with that. The only grades taken in each of the classes are the tests. That's normally great, because I hate busy work anyway, but all the tests are scheduled on the same week on back to back days EVERY time a test rolls around this semester. That would be fine, even desirable too, except that all of the tests require several days in advance, intense studying. I can only do that for the first test in the group, the rest I have one day to study for. *sigh* This semester is going to kick me out of graduating Magna, I bet. Oh well. It is the bitter end, and I find I just don't care anymore. Especially since I'm already accepted into the PT school of my choice and the school told me all I had to do was get a B in all the pre-req classes and a C in all other classes to stay accepted.

On a lighter note, my smoke detector can't tell the difference between smoke and yummie cooking smells. If we burn something, it goes off, which is good. If we bake something aromatic like bread or cookies, it goes off. Especially if we fry something in the skillet in lots of sauces or spices it will go off. I'm beginning to wonder if someone let a massive amount of gas it might go off. Sounds like an experiment to me! Will probably have to enlist the help of one or several of we girls' nasty boys.



Spring Break and Summer Job

03.16.09 (12:00 am)   [edit]

      Spring break has come and gone with little to report of interest. I went to L.A. with the tennis team, again. We played well. We have our national ranking back. Its wonderful being recognized for a job well done and all the hard work we have collectively put in. If we keep going, we should get a spot at nationals! :-D We got back on Monday and I slept away the rest of the break because I had bronchititis that I so lovingly shared with Greg, my mom and perhaps my sister too. I like to spread the love. haha.

      I found out a few hours ago that I have summer job at a camp in Massachusetts just off Cape Cod. I'm really excited but really nervous too. The camp is a Christian activity camp aimed at little rich kids, I think. I will probably be teaching snot nosed brats tennis, but hey I'll be out of town... out the state even, which I so desperately wanted for my summer. Besides that, they're offering me Red Cross lifeguard and water safety training for free which will look nice on a resume since many PT clincs have pools. I also hope to grow my own faith while leading little faiths too.

      I'm kind of scared of the kids a little though. I've never really enjoyed the big cities up that direction because so many of the people are so horribly unfriendly. I hope the poor kids haven't been infected too terribly with that yet. The recruiter people I talked to stated that as the reason that they were in the south looking for staff. They said that southerners are way more friendly than northerners and that they want only friendly faces staffing their camp. I guess I'll put on a big southern smile, tell my munchkins "Howdy, y'all!" and enjoy my summer in my swimsuit and sunglasses on the lake front.